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Don’t ask me what you can eat in Old Dubai, ask me what you CAN’T.

The past few weeks have been a train ride of food experiences in the city. Everything from Emirati and Egyptian to Korean and Pakistani have made it to my plate, so here’s a summary line-up of a few of the … Continue reading

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Shut for lunch on Mondays? Fine. I’m headed to Bundu Khan’s for kababs.

Restaurants in this country really do confound me. They’re open one day, and all boarded up the next. A press release might have announced a cultural culinary event at a restaurant, but no one, save maybe the chef  [IF you’re … Continue reading

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After years of eating kababs, I finally ate The Kabab.

It’s not easy being a foodie. Even less so if you’re a food blogger. Everyone and their uncle suddenly feels like I should know about their favorite little restaurant in town. If I don’t, then I get the look of … Continue reading

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I got stood up. And then ran over to Emly and Chilli.

You know that feeling when your evening date dumps you? And then you have to make a bee-line for that back-up option who’s been twiddling his thumbs, waiting like a lonely pathetic soul for your phone call…knowing he’s second-fiddle? And … Continue reading