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When I’m not gorging on food, writing about it, photographing it, dreaming about it…I’m probably indulging my food fantasies on one of these sites:

Food, Fashion & Frameworks is a blog started by one of my closest soulmates and foodie compadres of all times, Sourabh. If there’s a guy who can eat, dress and think in ways that set trends and inspire us less stylish folks around, it’s him! I love the way his site exposes his innermost musings on precisely those subjects he’s so passionate about and talented at – food, fashion and strategic thinking – with his artistic photography that gives you the vicarious thrill of being there in the moment, and living out his experiences with him.

The Girl Who Ate Everything is one of the first food sites I started following once I moved to NYC. There’s something about Robby’s frank, no bullshit attitude about food that I find really easy to connect with. Plus, I love that she ventures out into all types of places, especially the hole-in-the-wall and ethnic joints in NYC. Makes me drool even sitting here at my bland computer screen in Dubai…

TasteSpotting is a site that I visit almost every time I try to cook up an experimental concoction in my kitchen. It’s rightly described as ”community driven visual potluck,” with random bloggers or recipe hounds submitting their recipes and photos from around the world to one common delicious forum. I absolutely LOVE the photos on this site, and have rarely left without an intense craving of some sort!

Tasting Table is what keeps me up-to-date about the latest restaurant happenings in NYC and the US nationally. My friends and ex-colleagues in the US find it strange that I still occasionally email them with resto suggestions – well, this is one of my primary sources of NYC food intel.

More recently, I’ve hunted out a host of fellow foodies in Dubai. Reading their websites has left me with bittersweet sensations.

Wow, I’m such a lazy good for nothing. How have I grown up in this city and still managed to try only 2% of what’s out there? Bitter.
Boy, there’s so much unexplored territory, I’ve got one heck of a wild, gluttonous journey ahead! Sweeeet.

Here’s the local round-up:

In a self-centered act of personal publicity, here’s the Dubai-based website where my restaurant reviews in the city get posted up: Dubai seriously needs some better online marketing if they want to claim their place amongst the trendiest, awesomest, tastiest, xxx-est cities of the world – and this site is definitely helping to raise the online awareness of what’s happening in the city up a notch.

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