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Loving the Hokkien Kway Teow at Noodle Bowl in Satwa, but there’s an entire forest of menu items that I’ve still got to hack my way through.

This is going to sound absurd, but I think the best Malaysian food I’ve had was not in Malaysia, but in Philadelphia. It was at this restaurant called Penang, a Chinatown haunt where my college buds and I would eat … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Gobsmacking Fried Lamb Bao found in Dubai.

Bao are those pudgy little Chinese bun-babies that my tastebuds have always squealed over. I hunted down chicken ones at Chinatown in Malaysia, only to tear my hair out by the end because every corner restaurant had run out of … Continue reading

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Ditching my restaurant lists for some home-style Indonesian grilled chicken.

When I first started this blog, I had compiled an anal and very ambitious Excel sheet of restaurants I needed to target in Dubai. It had five categories: Name, Cuisine, Notes, Location, Contact. The list had a grand total of … Continue reading

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I ate an Iraqi breakfast that touched my heart.

There are some meals that are so simple, yet they become so incredibly meaningful just because they spark off some long-lost memory that you didn’t even know you had. An Iraqi lamb and egg breakfast at Bait Al Baghdadi did … Continue reading

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Finally. A place where you can have your Emirati breakfast and win a Vespa too.

I walked into Bikers Café with the selfless goal of unveiling one of those rare places in the city where you can enjoy an authentic Emirati breakfast. I walked out of Bikers Café with my goal having devolved into a … Continue reading

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Midnight Biryani Run in Hor Al Anz

There’s an area in Deira which is a GOLDMINE of Indian and Pakistani restaurants. It’s called Hor Al Anz, and it’s not the same as Hor Al Anz East. Let me explain this very critical difference. If you were assaulted … Continue reading

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Breaking my fast in Karama, Indonesian style.

My temples were pounding. And it wasn’t because of the heat. Or because I’d been fasting the whole day. Or because I’ve been shaving off hours of sleep from my nights faster than the guy slicing shawarmas at the corner … Continue reading

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The Calicut Crab that was the Queen of Karama Krawl

It’s way too much work to eat a crab. Let’s not even get into the behind-the-scenes kitchen drudgery, I just literally mean eating one. I always feel like some jaggedy edge of the craggy carcass will stab my fingers before … Continue reading

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The Best Chinese Ginger Chicken I Have Ever Had.

I stood there lost in thought at Bukit Bintang.  I was divided about whether to board the metro to Pudu or to scrap the plan altogether. Twenty two hours earlier, I had tried to make the very same journey. My … Continue reading

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If you catch me with a lost lovesick stare, I’m probably dreaming about a Moroccan chicken pie from last week.

Note on 15/01/2014: Sigh. In true Dubai transient fashion, Tagine al Fassi has vanished as quickly as it arrive on the Dubai restaurant scene. Sucks, I do miss these guys. When I go through multiple days and weeks of not … Continue reading

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Big Turkish Burger.

It’s big, it’s greasy comfort, it’s earth-shatteringly good value. But honestly, I wouldn’t fuss over Big Turkish Burger. With a name like that and having been in business for over 27 years, you’d expect something that’s home-grown, with a soft … Continue reading