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Eating Local in Qatar

Local. Inclusive. Rahash. These three words sum up why I walked away with a truly memorable experience in Qatar, a place that never held any food excitement for me in the past. But with the sparkly Shaima Al Tamimi involved … Continue reading

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The crunchiest Jalebi you can find in Dubai.

Your body is not happy, that’s why you keep falling ill. You’re not feeding it enough…Soul Food. Hm. Now there was a theory. It was not the lack of water, nor my negligence of multi-vitamins, nor my lack of sleep. … Continue reading

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My Top Picks from a 5-Day Feast in South Vietnam

The year is off to a blazing start, and I hit the ‘go’ button by…going on vacation. I scuttled off to Vietnam right about the time when people were finalizing New Year’s resolutions. Vietnam it would be, because Vietnamese cuisine … Continue reading

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When lentils, nuts and olive oil are not just food, but stories of Palestine.

I stopped blogging about food events a while ago. They simply stopped inspiring me. I wasn’t learning much and other than a fun social event, I’d walk away with a belly full and a soul untouched. Finally, an event last … Continue reading

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Over 30 years of killer Vada Sambar at Woodlands, Karama.

With a 32 year history in Dubai, Woodlands has a cult following. This tiny Karama kitchen knows how to dole out a crisp dosa, tender chapatis, heart-warming sambar, and crunchy vadas that are so perfectly deep-fried that you’d want to … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t this blissfully simple egg-and-cheese concept hatched in Dubai yet?

To every kind soul who prayed for my friend after reading my plea last week, I cannot thank you enough. It meant the world to me to see wishes flooding in from everywhere. Sadly, life doesn’t always turn out as … Continue reading

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Cumin-crusted Yemeni Haneeth in a Saudi-born Restaurant with a Spanish Name…in Dubai.

The first time I saw Cabrito was last November. It didn’t have a name at the time. It was all boarded up and under construction. And it lay on the head-smackingly dismal and dusty road near Mall of the Emirates … Continue reading

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I smelled. I tasted. I ate like a cow. Baghali Polo with Mahicheh at Iran Zamin.

This is how I found the Iranian dish that left me no choice but to betray my erstwhile Iranian love: Kabab Koobideh. Kabab Koobideh at Abshar Restaurant, Deira I was innocently waiting for usual kabab fix at my favourite Iranian … Continue reading

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One motherly lady, a pot of simmering stew, a ladle of love later, I became an Ethiopian food convert.

In 2011, I published a post called: Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food? In retrospect, it was terribly written post that I have torn off my blog and crumpled up with the frustration of a lovesick Romeo who lacks … Continue reading

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It’s Feb, but make this New Year’s resolution: Go to Sea Mood. Order the batter-fried Sultan Ibrahim.

Sadly this restaurant is now closed. Dubai, do we really care about seafood sustainability? Apparently not enough to have kept this place alive. Real pity. If anyone has mentioned the words ‘fish,’ ‘prawns,’ ‘seafood,’ or any such variant in my presence … Continue reading