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A Trail of Crumbs: Diving into Traditional Bread Baskets across Dubai

Be it the pillowy pita or the raggedy injera, breaking bread across the many ethnic communities in Dubai is an incredible way of experiencing its melting pot – or heart-warming oven – of cultures. At this junction of the Middle East, Africa … Continue reading

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Nigerian cow’s tail, fishy cookies, camel meatballs and other food moments to celebrate.

Since my last post on greasy comfort-laden strips of Turkish doner, I’ve had a couple of memorable food discoveries that I have to share with anyone who cares to know. These are food memories that have connected me ina deep, fulfilling … Continue reading

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A Glutton’s Guide: How to Cheat on Your Diet in Dubai.

If you were looking for ways to sneak off of a self-imposed diet, let me help you. You could wind your way into the alleys of Abu Hail and grab some Moroccan treats at Marrakesh Bakery. Live a little more … Continue reading

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One motherly lady, a pot of simmering stew, a ladle of love later, I became an Ethiopian food convert.

In 2011, I published a post called: Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food? In retrospect, it was terribly written post that I have torn off my blog and crumpled up with the frustration of a lovesick Romeo who lacks … Continue reading

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Did you know that Tagine in Tunisia looks like…

…that picture above? Yep, the frittata-looking one. When this tagine hits the table, anyone expecting a pretty Moroccan claypot tagine would be quite justified in tumbling down a hole which sounds like: huh? say that again?…what?! tagine?…no way can’t be!…no-no…no!…NOOOOoooooo.  But … Continue reading

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If you catch me with a lost lovesick stare, I’m probably dreaming about a Moroccan chicken pie from last week.

Note on 15/01/2014: Sigh. In true Dubai transient fashion, Tagine al Fassi has vanished as quickly as it arrive on the Dubai restaurant scene. Sucks, I do miss these guys. When I go through multiple days and weeks of not … Continue reading

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A Chicken Tagine that simmers deep within Hor Al Anz.

I’ve made four trips to Hor Al Anz since I moved back last year: Trip #1: Single minded purpose to hunt out Al Ammor for koshari and feteer. Hor Al Anz was a maze – I don’t remember any of … Continue reading

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Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food?

After last time’s experimental attempt at Egyptian food, you’d think I was done with playing Russian Roulette at ethnic restaurants for at least a week. But when I spotted Zagol in Karama, I HAD to walk in. Zagol had that … Continue reading