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Nigerian cow’s tail, fishy cookies, camel meatballs and other food moments to celebrate.

Since my last post on greasy comfort-laden strips of Turkish doner, I’ve had a couple of memorable food discoveries that I have to share with anyone who cares to know. These are food memories that have connected me ina deep, fulfilling … Continue reading

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Takes a lot to arouse the hater in me, but N Grill did it with ease.

The title suggests that I had a not-so-great experience at N Grill in Hyderabad. Understatement. The experience was positively traumatic. Rather than waste words on describing the ambiance or the context or other less relevant details, I’m going to pen … Continue reading

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My quest for the unreal deal, only at Mainland China in Hyderabad.

Yin and I were out on a quest for Indianized Chinese food in Hyderabad. We wanted the totally fake, totally bastardized deal where every dish had been modified to meet the standards of a crowd that’s grown up on dals and … Continue reading

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Wild Peeta. Good. In fact, quite good. Just nothing to go wild over.

As I read through a forwarded email advert that spoke about a place called Wild Peeta, boasting fusion shawarmas, “service of the highest standards,” and advocacy of the local arts, music and sports scene, I was immediately reminded of yuppie … Continue reading