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A Trail of Crumbs: Diving into Traditional Bread Baskets across Dubai

Be it the pillowy pita or the raggedy injera, breaking bread across the many ethnic communities in Dubai is an incredible way of experiencing its melting pot – or heart-warming oven – of cultures. At this junction of the Middle East, Africa … Continue reading

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Iftar in a different world called ‘Naif.’

6 minutes before sunset.  We parked our cars near the Fish and Vegetable market, greeted each other, and started walking.  Naif was on the other side of the pedestrian bridge. And Naif was where we had planned to be…10 minutes … Continue reading

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Buttery Afghani Dal in Deira’s Naif Square

I recently met someone who walks through the city like I do. Where most people would have cursed me for dragging them into Naif Square for Afghani kababs without decent directions (mostly because I didn’t have a clue where the … Continue reading