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The proof a tagine is in the gravy.

And the smoky den that chooses to call itself Musaharati, after the early morning suhoor callers during Ramadan in the Arab world, sure knows how to put out one hell of a gravied-up tagine. In the eclectic mess of dishes that is only partially … Continue reading

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For that dinner after dinner, there’s Kaati Express.

There is such a mind-boggling variety of food cramped up in the block behind the Park Regis hotel in Karama, that your brains get fried into this chewy schmukaroo of dinner-time confusion. Should you do Ethiopian? Or Sudanese falafel? Or Indonesian? Or … Continue reading

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Still working on that Biryani post, but till then…here, have some Dal Baati Churma.

You know that I  don’t have things under control when I start shoving up posts about extracted wisdom teeth followed by fast food monsters hidden in the cute crusty guise of pizza, and then promise you a biryani post and end … Continue reading

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This is where you should be, every Friday of Ramadan. Malaysian Iftar Bazaar.

I’m writing this post on Friday, the 3rd of August. As I type, I can’t help but momentarily stop the frantic keypushing and raise my fingers up to my nose for a sniff. Aaaah…they smell so intoxicatingly  good…they smell of…beef … Continue reading

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A bunch of good eats [that I swept under the carpet] finally see the light of day.

My pending posts have become like a disorganized Old McDonald’s farm of nibbles, here a nibble, there a nibble, everywhere a nibble nibble [which is tantamount to a massive nibble]… And no post to show for it. So rather than … Continue reading

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The Koki you can find if you peek into an alley of Meena Bazaar.

My mother once told me of a paratha that my cousin would bring home on Fridays. Early in the morning for breakfast, with the notoriously luscious baigan bhartha, an Indian gravy of eggplants charred and pulped to a cream that … Continue reading

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After years of eating kababs, I finally ate The Kabab.

It’s not easy being a foodie. Even less so if you’re a food blogger. Everyone and their uncle suddenly feels like I should know about their favorite little restaurant in town. If I don’t, then I get the look of … Continue reading

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Fresh-baked Punjabi Kulchas remind me why I love bread so much.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written about bread or roti or buns of some sort. I’m such a sucker for bread, any kind of bread – whether its silky sheer Indian rotis or crispy Khakhra or … Continue reading

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What to sneak over to the son-in-law that married your vegetarian daughter?

This cocoon of chickeny goodness. An egg and chicken kathi roll from Shiraz. And I speak from experience. Second hand-experience. A friend let on the other day that he had tried Shiraz. Oh really? You did? Umm yeah, as a … Continue reading

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Iranian Kababs with a Special Blogger at Special Ostadi

I could have been very late for dinner at Special Ostadi. My days are usually planned like overstuffed double decker sandwiches – everything smacked tight together and on the verge of exploding. Once something’s planned in, you can’t even attempt … Continue reading