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Don’t ask me what you can eat in Old Dubai, ask me what you CAN’T.

The past few weeks have been a train ride of food experiences in the city. Everything from Emirati and Egyptian to Korean and Pakistani have made it to my plate, so here’s a summary line-up of a few of the … Continue reading

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Frying Pan Secrets Revealed: A Self-Guided Foodie Trail through Dubai

I often don’t post up many of the articles I write for other publications on this blog (wait what? other publications actually publish what Arva writes?! yeah, I know, it’s all very shocking.) But I figured that this might be of broader … Continue reading

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Koshari Missiles around the Corner.

Folks who aspire to open their own restaurant someday, should you ever plan to unleash a bi-lingual menu into the Dubai restaurant scene, please do not substitute human judgement with automated translation tools (hm. Google Translate?). It can do bad, … Continue reading

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A bunch of good eats [that I swept under the carpet] finally see the light of day.

My pending posts have become like a disorganized Old McDonald’s farm of nibbles, here a nibble, there a nibble, everywhere a nibble nibble [which is tantamount to a massive nibble]… And no post to show for it. So rather than … Continue reading

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I love walking into ethnic restaurants that transport you miles away to their homeland. Where the menu is a language totally foreign to me. Where there are no menu translations catering to the watered down touristy palate. Where the waiters … Continue reading