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Frying Pan Secrets Revealed: A Self-Guided Foodie Trail through Dubai

I often don't post up many of the articles I write for other publications on this blog (wait what? other publications actually publish what Arva writes?! yeah, I know, it's all very shocking.) But I figured that this might be of broader interest beyond the editors who take pity on my food ramblings and slop me into a section that hopefully gets schmucked by an overflowing cup of coffee or gets shred to bits by the house doggie before it can assault the human eye.

So here it is, an article called 'The Foodie Trail in Dubai' for the 'Indulge' section of Live Mint in India. I finally penned down one of my favourite foodie treks in the city, thanks to Sidin, the Mint Indulge editor and tummy-achingly funny writer blogger at www.whatay.com. For people who'd rather not suffer through a formal food tour with me, this is for you - some of my favourite yummies in the city, all conveniently mapped out as one trail. If the thought of having this all in one easy printable format has left you so overjoyed that you're practically speechless, then...turn on the printer and ram the print button like a sumo wrestler on steroids.

Pssst. I'm supposed to be sharing 'soul-feeding stories' on a Street Food panel at MAKE Business Hub in Dubai on April 9th. Judging by my blubbering posts, my verbal eloquence likely won't scale the heights of soul-fed excellence. But if you're interested in doing something entrepreneurial around street food in Dubai, in feeding your soul with insights from the owner of Zaroob/Mezza House and Tahir, the awesome-funny-friendly dude behind Moti Roti, in hanging out over coffee and dinner, or in hugging me for finally publishing a self-guided foodie trek in the city and saving you from the butt-pain of coming on a tour with me, then MAKE is the place to be. Check out the facebook invite here.


  1. Sally Prosser

    It’s your self-effacing nature and generosity that make your writing and tours so compelling. No one in their right mind would do a self-service tour without you!

    • inafryingpan

      @google-e765094276c1ae4f8a701898fc8a87f4:disqus – you = sweetheart. me = inflated ego.

    • inafryingpan

      @facebook-284002872:disqus – duh. silly me, just corrected it! Thanks for pointing it out!

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