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Finally, more pocket-friendly ways to fix that Thai Curry craving.

  A spectacular serving of pineapple fried rice trumped the list of dishes that I’ve consumed over the past two weeks. Every grain was plumped up with the sort of savoury curry flavour that makes you salivate just thinking about it, with … Continue reading

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Dear Dina, I’d never have tried Chatkhara’s Egg Shami Kabab Bun if not for you.

You’d be surprised at how seriously I take your comments on my blog. Hours after I post up one of my ramblings, I keep looking over at my blackberry to see if I get that exciting email notification of someone … Continue reading

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Lebneh and jam, my new killer combo for late night munchies

Sushi with the lovely blogger behind Dubai-bites. An evening of Kashmiri chai and chatter at Tea JuncTion. And I still felt the need to swerve* off the road for more food last Thursday night, only for this beautifully irresistable creation… …a … Continue reading

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I got stood up. And then ran over to Emly and Chilli.

You know that feeling when your evening date dumps you? And then you have to make a bee-line for that back-up option who’s been twiddling his thumbs, waiting like a lonely pathetic soul for your phone call…knowing he’s second-fiddle? And … Continue reading