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What’s your excuse for not trying Filipino food?

Fact A: My parents moved to Sharjah in the mid 70’s, so pretty much all my soggy diaper years, and the subsequent nerdy high school years after, were spent in this country. Fact B: According to the 2009 Report on … Continue reading

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Confucius say: if you drown at China Sea, you become fat.

We all ate like little big fat piggies at China Sea last week. Six people at the table, twelve dishes, bucketloads of soy sauce, and bellies that had stretched past the point where popping a button or doing a quarter-pull … Continue reading

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Forkfuls of deep-fried sticky sweet salty peanutty goodness at Singapore Deli.

Anyone remember that warped idea of mine at the start of the year to create a Best Seven of 2011 list as I ate my way through the year? If you don’t, well yeah, t’was I who had founded this … Continue reading

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A plateful of summer at Mango Tree, Souk al Bahar.

I ate this Thai salmon appetizer the other day that catapulted me into summer. Not Dubai summer – that’s plain brutal and should really be reclassified as a fifth season called HELL. I’m talking about the summery weather you experience … Continue reading

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Cooking up a Thai feast with my fellow foodies at the International Center for Culinary Arts

Whoever coined the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” had evidently never been to a group cooking class. He had probably never experienced what it’s like to share all the tedious chopping and mincing chores needed to prep your … Continue reading

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Fried chicken and condensed milk

You know those crumbs that get left behind on your plate after you’ve eaten something deep-fried, like hash browns for instance, or thick-cut and battered onion rings? Those minute little grenades of pent-up deep-fried flavour that represent the crispiest edges … Continue reading

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My quest for the unreal deal, only at Mainland China in Hyderabad.

Yin and I were out on a quest for Indianized Chinese food in Hyderabad. We wanted the totally fake, totally bastardized deal where every dish had been modified to meet the standards of a crowd that’s grown up on dals and … Continue reading

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Lunch at our college-favourite Malaysian haunt: Penang in Philly’s Chinatown

No matter that I hadn’t made it to the countless cheese steak joints, pizza parlours, and ethnic food trucks on campus. Reunion events and catching up with friends had made my food-a-thon down Philly’s memory lane practically impossible. But one … Continue reading

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A place called ‘Yum!’

Yum! was not really on my restaurant ‘must-try’ list. Restaurants with exclamation marks in their names or gimmicky-sounding unoriginal names usually turn me off. But reservations aside (pun unintended), I agreed to try this place when a friend suggested that … Continue reading