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Just Churned: Rutab Date and Labneh Ice Cream

If dates are such an important fruit in this part of the world, why on earth does Dubai not have more specialty dates stores (beyond Bateel or occasional mall kiosks)? Why haven’t we sparked a trend of glamorous date desserts? … Continue reading

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Just Churned:  Biscuit-crumbed Mango and White Chocolate Ice Cream.

Ice-cream making has become a mild obsession for me since my Kitchen Aid received its ice cream maker attachment last summer (at a rate much lower than the ones in the malls, if you’re willing to drive out to Al … Continue reading

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The little white knight that helped me peel the potatoes last Friday

I know children love playing around with dough, or licking bowls streaked with chocolate cake batter [points at self vigorously], but I know few kids under twelve who would care to remember, let alone observe, the nuances of their mothers’ … Continue reading

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Crushed digestive biscuits. Melted sugar drizzle with orange rind. Dark chocolate ganache.

I could envision…almost taste…the dessert as I drove back from work last Tuesday. It was just an idea, one of those culinary day dreams I typically sink into whenever my mind has the luxury of wandering at will. It sounded … Continue reading

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Cooking up a Thai feast with my fellow foodies at the International Center for Culinary Arts

Whoever coined the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” had evidently never been to a group cooking class. He had probably never experienced what it’s like to share all the tedious chopping and mincing chores needed to prep your … Continue reading