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If Dad can cook, so can You.
…or can you really?

Every time I ask dad how he creates his incredible slow braised, Indian curried turkey, he modestly responds, “It’s not hard at all, anyone can do it!” Sort of reminds me of that old TV cook show from the 90’s … Continue reading

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Embarking on a stuffed buns escapade
…and no, these are not just veggies jammed in store-bought burger buns.

An email exchange with a friend… I wrote: Check out the 2 pics from my latest cooking experiment…stuffed buns…turned out to be pretty edible. Killed mom’s kitchen in the process, but she’s recovered. His reply: That’s called making a sandwich … Continue reading

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Friday brunch take on Banh mi.
Warning: Content may be offensive to Banh mi purists

I’d had a major craving for Banh mi the last week of January, right before I was leaving New York to move back home to Dubai. And for some inane reason or another, I never had a chance to fulfill that … Continue reading