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Hallelujah, I finally wrote the Bhatkali Biryani post.

The reason this is such an achievement is less because the biryani was some sort of meat and rice epiphany—it was not—but more so because I feel like this particular biryani has been baking in my life almost every week, … Continue reading

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Did you feast this Onam?

This country has been on an I.V. drip since the 70s. You’ll find the needle pierced deep into the skin of the city’s foundations, into the clerical veins of banks and old time private businesses, into the blood that pumps … Continue reading

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Iftar in a different world called ‘Naif.’

6 minutes before sunset.  We parked our cars near the Fish and Vegetable market, greeted each other, and started walking.  Naif was on the other side of the pedestrian bridge. And Naif was where we had planned to be…10 minutes … Continue reading

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The Koki you can find if you peek into an alley of Meena Bazaar.

My mother once told me of a paratha that my cousin would bring home on Fridays. Early in the morning for breakfast, with the notoriously luscious baigan bhartha, an Indian gravy of eggplants charred and pulped to a cream that … Continue reading

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I know you want my Appams and Crackly Prawns. XOXO, Karama.

Ever seen that row of South Indian restaurants in Karama, all sitting cross-legged next to each other, selling appams and fish curries and dosas just like the southies next door? Let’s call it Little South India for the purposes of … Continue reading

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Machboos, Dosa, and Disco Tea. Plotted on the Oversimplified Food Experience Graph.

You’d think that my life is all about Oscar-winning food experiences. You’d think that I have fabled fish curries and epic meatballs* wherever I go. You’d think that the chefs just know when there’s a fryingpan in their midst, and pull magic … Continue reading

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Ever tried Anda Parotta from that tea stall around the corner?

How many times have you walked past those teeny cafeterias on the road and thought, ‘yech. I’d NEVER go in there.’ or ‘hmmm…could be good, but not worth risking my tummy.’ or ‘a place of the workers, for the workers, … Continue reading

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Eating through a Gujarati feast at Rangoli…all in the name of foodie market research.

Some of you may have got a whiff of my latest whimsical idea through this blog’s facebook page, but if you haven’t, let me tell you that I’ve had MANY moments in the past year where I’ve sat down and … Continue reading

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After years of eating kababs, I finally ate The Kabab.

It’s not easy being a foodie. Even less so if you’re a food blogger. Everyone and their uncle suddenly feels like I should know about their favorite little restaurant in town. If I don’t, then I get the look of … Continue reading