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Fresh-baked Punjabi Kulchas remind me why I love bread so much.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written about bread or roti or buns of some sort. I’m such a sucker for bread, any kind of bread – whether its silky sheer Indian rotis or crispy Khakhra or … Continue reading

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Momos? Omg…they’re like tiny little featherless chickens.

Google Chat History. Jul 16. 6:56 PM me: someone* in our foodie group had this craving for momos which meant that my entire day was spent trying to ask every Nepalese helper around work where to get momos 6:57 PM … Continue reading

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Forkfuls of deep-fried sticky sweet salty peanutty goodness at Singapore Deli.

Anyone remember that warped idea of mine at the start of the year to create a Best Seven of 2011 list as I ate my way through the year? If you don’t, well yeah, t’was I who had founded this … Continue reading

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I got stood up. And then ran over to Emly and Chilli.

You know that feeling when your evening date dumps you? And then you have to make a bee-line for that back-up option who’s been twiddling his thumbs, waiting like a lonely pathetic soul for your phone call…knowing he’s second-fiddle? And … Continue reading

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Hello Bluefields’ ox-tail curry. Where have you been all my life?

October 2010 Tragic Note: Bluefields is now SHUT. *disbelief* *shock* *choke* *breaks out into crazy inconsolable wailing fit*…If you want to know what a gem of a place Dubai has lost, then continue reading my original post: You know you’ve … Continue reading