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When sorrow over Safa Park strikes, distract yourself with this food trail.

After being in the food tour business for two years, I don’t know what on earth I’ve been doing writing about one-off restaurant experiences in backstreet here, or hidden alley there. I eat, live, breathe food trails every day of … Continue reading

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The Freshest Catch: Seasoned, Grilled and Served Up at the Old Deira Fish Market.

Our heads jerked in unison towards the moving source of the panic.  Loud gruff screams ripped through the din of the fish market just as the fishmongers were packing up their stalls for their afternoon siesta. The chase was on. A bluish white blur of … Continue reading

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The Wood-Fired Stove at our Homestay in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

I blinked with disbelief. A wood-fired stove?! For a brief moment, the anxiety that my brain was staging in my head about our homestay in the Mekong Delta curtsied abruptly and walked off stage. The lizard that had skittered away … Continue reading

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If you don’t like seafood, try Mahesh.

Potson and I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Mahesh Lunch Home, a Mangalorean seafood stalwart with its commercial fingers dipped into five different spots across Mumbai. Kudos to Potson who lugged himself over for lunch, despite having stabbed … Continue reading

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It’s Feb, but make this New Year’s resolution: Go to Sea Mood. Order the batter-fried Sultan Ibrahim.

Sadly this restaurant is now closed. Dubai, do we really care about seafood sustainability? Apparently not enough to have kept this place alive. Real pity. If anyone has mentioned the words ‘fish,’ ‘prawns,’ ‘seafood,’ or any such variant in my presence … Continue reading

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I know you want my Appams and Crackly Prawns. XOXO, Karama.

Ever seen that row of South Indian restaurants in Karama, all sitting cross-legged next to each other, selling appams and fish curries and dosas just like the southies next door? Let’s call it Little South India for the purposes of … Continue reading

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Too many cooks spoil the broth?

Nonsense. I think our group of fabulous foodies worked this Chinese hot pot broth with the skill you’d see in a troupe of synchronized swimmers. Maybe with a bit more of a splash around. Hot pot broth at Xiao Wei … Continue reading

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I’m eating Fish and Chips in London, wooo hooo!

Whoaaa! Horaaah! Fish and chips! Hooot! In London! Weeeeee! Land of The Fish and Chips! Yaaay! …Yay. Yeah. Ok I’m done with my hallucinations. I’m still right here, sweating it out in Dubai. That street photo up there is just … Continue reading

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A Restaurant Called Eric’s.

If someone told me about a restaurant called Eric’s, I’d expect to be walking into a joint that served American style burgers and fries. Or maybe I’d expect a 24/7 diner dishing out tall smoothies and grilled cheese sammies. Or … Continue reading

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Are Rivington Grill’s fish and chips at Taste of Dubai beer-battered?

A bunch of us sat around a table, digging into our plates from the different restaurant stations at Taste of Dubai, dissecting what could’ve made that deep-fried batter coating on Rivington Grill’s signature fish so light and poofy. It started … Continue reading

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Does Gourmet food taste even better when it’s free?

Last Tuesday, I was fed the following for FREE. Both created by chef Tony Genovese, an Italian chef who co-owns a two Michelin starred restaurant in Rome. When I heard about Gourmet Abu Dhabi, an event described in their souvenir … Continue reading

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The brutal test of my market worthiness. Shrewd grannies and haggling aunties, judge me well.

Sometimes being a foodie can be really painful. You (and by ‘you’ in the all the following statements, I obviously mean ‘I’) get into a fix when someone else decides to pick the dinner place – have they researched the … Continue reading