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A Trail of Four Markets – a Friday market hop across Old and New Dubai

The Friday brunch experience to try in 2015 is not the one in a sterile overpriced hotel, but rather the buffet of sensory market experiences that both old and new Dubai have to offer. Save your dirhams and spend a fruitful Friday completing … Continue reading

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When sorrow over Safa Park strikes, distract yourself with this food trail.

After being in the food tour business for two years, I don’t know what on earth I’ve been doing writing about one-off restaurant experiences in backstreet here, or hidden alley there. I eat, live, breathe food trails every day of … Continue reading

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An Iskendar Kabab in Deira that Needs to be Revered, Glorified, Idolized. (…and eaten when the others aren’t looking.)

 A few of you might have suffered through my obsessive Iskendar kabab ramblings in the past—and this is definitely going to be another one of them. Because Iskendar kabab is that attention-grabber of Turkish kabab dishes that I will never … Continue reading

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Iftar in a different world called ‘Naif.’

6 minutes before sunset.  We parked our cars near the Fish and Vegetable market, greeted each other, and started walking.  Naif was on the other side of the pedestrian bridge. And Naif was where we had planned to be…10 minutes … Continue reading

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Back on the streets for Iskender Kabab.

I love my meat. And I love my bread. And when you throw little juicy slivers of meat over chunks of bread drenched in warm yoghurt and melted butter, dousing it all in a delicately spiced tomato sauce, I experience UBER-LOVE. I speak … Continue reading

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Buttery Afghani Dal in Deira’s Naif Square

I recently met someone who walks through the city like I do. Where most people would have cursed me for dragging them into Naif Square for Afghani kababs without decent directions (mostly because I didn’t have a clue where the … Continue reading

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Shut for lunch on Mondays? Fine. I’m headed to Bundu Khan’s for kababs.

Restaurants in this country really do confound me. They’re open one day, and all boarded up the next. A press release might have announced a cultural culinary event at a restaurant, but no one, save maybe the chef  [IF you’re … Continue reading