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Eating through a Gujarati feast at Rangoli…all in the name of foodie market research.

Some of you may have got a whiff of my latest whimsical idea through this blog’s facebook page, but if you haven’t, let me tell you that I’ve had MANY moments in the past year where I’ve sat down and … Continue reading

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The little white knight that helped me peel the potatoes last Friday

I know children love playing around with dough, or licking bowls streaked with chocolate cake batter [points at self vigorously], but I know few kids under twelve who would care to remember, let alone observe, the nuances of their mothers’ … Continue reading

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Al Ammor. Serving up Egyptian comfort foods that call out to the little girl in me.

A mournful note on 31.08.2013: Al Ammor – all three branches of it in Abu Hail – has shut its doors this past week. You can get your koshari and feteer fix at their branch in Karama, but nothing will … Continue reading

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If I had only one morning left in Dubai, I would eat…

…a za’atar with cheese manosheeh. Not just any manoosheh of course, but one from the Lebanese chain called Breakfast To Breakfast. To me, the name ”Breakfast To Breakfast” reeks of something gimmicky, chainy, dull, totally mass produced, undifferentiated. Luckily, a … Continue reading

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Braving the storm with mouthfuls of chaat .

I’ve made many a trip to India as I was growing up. And on every one of those trips, every single one, I’ve had a serious bout of food poisoning. It’s like a standard travel procedure – check-in, board, fly, … Continue reading

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FareStart, Seattle – changing the world, one yummy bite at a time.

I’d heard a ton about FareStart before coming to Seattle. In a nutshell, they train the homeless and disadvantaged to be phenomenal gourmet cooks, or acquire other kinds of skills relevant to the culinary industry. As a practical training ground … Continue reading

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Greek food at Snack Taverna, West Village NYC

I’ve always been particularly terrible at delegating work, decisions or anything of the sort to friends or co-workers…especially when it comes to deciding where to eat. What if the person didn’t do their research on the place? What if there … Continue reading

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Things that made me go mmm… in Mumbai
(part 2)

…continuing on from my last post on some of my most memorable foodie experiences in Mumbai. Dahi batata puri at Swati Snacks No visit to India is complete without indulging in chaat, Indian snacky street food. Eeeks, you say, street … Continue reading