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Layali’s Tonbik Shawarma: The greasy zenith of Turkish comfort food in Naif.

The first time I sunk my teeth into the Tonbik Shawarma, the saucy swirl of condiments and crunchy cabbage and tender chicken and plump grease-sodden fries awoke the sleeping endorphins in my blood stream. This was not sophisticated food. I … Continue reading

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The munchies that elbowed their way in between tubs of homemade ice cream.

Folks, I’d like to announce the birth of my ice cream machine. It’s the most beautiful and productive being in my kitchen, and even though I’m no ice-cream fanatic, there’s something magical about the process of transforming chocolate and cream … Continue reading

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An Iskendar Kabab in Deira that Needs to be Revered, Glorified, Idolized. (…and eaten when the others aren’t looking.)

 A few of you might have suffered through my obsessive Iskendar kabab ramblings in the past—and this is definitely going to be another one of them. Because Iskendar kabab is that attention-grabber of Turkish kabab dishes that I will never … Continue reading

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Big Turkish Burger.

It’s big, it’s greasy comfort, it’s earth-shatteringly good value. But honestly, I wouldn’t fuss over Big Turkish Burger. With a name like that and having been in business for over 27 years, you’d expect something that’s home-grown, with a soft … Continue reading

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Back on the streets for Iskender Kabab.

I love my meat. And I love my bread. And when you throw little juicy slivers of meat over chunks of bread drenched in warm yoghurt and melted butter, dousing it all in a delicately spiced tomato sauce, I experience UBER-LOVE. I speak … Continue reading

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My new Turkish love. Shikidim.

March 31, 2012 Update. Bad News Folks…Shikidim has shut down. Another one bites the dust. This was meant to be a happy post. Especially after staying up for three nights, learning from Penny De Los Santos’ live stream course of … Continue reading

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My cup of Turkish coffee at Köşebaşı reveals…squat.

LISA! Don’t stir the coffee, turkish coffee is not supposed to be stirred! You’ll disturb the coffee sediment from the bottom! I raised a puzzled eyebrow at my cousin Luls as she wailed at her 9-year old daughter. First, she … Continue reading