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When sorrow over Safa Park strikes, distract yourself with this food trail.

After being in the food tour business for two years, I don’t know what on earth I’ve been doing writing about one-off restaurant experiences in backstreet here, or hidden alley there. I eat, live, breathe food trails every day of … Continue reading

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Layali’s Tonbik Shawarma: The greasy zenith of Turkish comfort food in Naif.

The first time I sunk my teeth into the Tonbik Shawarma, the saucy swirl of condiments and crunchy cabbage and tender chicken and plump grease-sodden fries awoke the sleeping endorphins in my blood stream. This was not sophisticated food. I … Continue reading

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Big Turkish Burger.

It’s big, it’s greasy comfort, it’s earth-shatteringly good value. But honestly, I wouldn’t fuss over Big Turkish Burger. With a name like that and having been in business for over 27 years, you’d expect something that’s home-grown, with a soft … Continue reading

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Alice in Bakeland. Premiering at the Wild Peeta Bakefest.

I really did feel like Alice, wide-eyed and slightly nervous and terribly curious and horribly fidgety, wanting to run a finger through those chutneys and nibble at the cakes and snap a cookie right down its sugary center. All that, while … Continue reading

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Wild Peeta. Good. In fact, quite good. Just nothing to go wild over.

As I read through a forwarded email advert that spoke about a place called Wild Peeta, boasting fusion shawarmas, “service of the highest standards,” and advocacy of the local arts, music and sports scene, I was immediately reminded of yuppie … Continue reading