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Alice in Bakeland. Premiering at the Wild Peeta Bakefest.

I really did feel like Alice, wide-eyed and slightly nervous and terribly curious and horribly fidgety, wanting to run a finger through those chutneys and nibble at the cakes and snap a cookie right down its sugary center. All that, while cradling a camera the size of a musk melon, and an outrageously oversized patchwork bag that would have been perfect in another life as a farmer's daughter [i.e. the daughter that skips along the countryside in her swaying white petticoats with no other worry than to pick cabbages or potatoes or whatever else was ready for a-picking.]

The Wild Peeta bakefest was clearly not the place for my countryside jaunt - it was more like a fish market in there, with a number of talented home bakers out to showcase their goodies, and many, many more people who'd stopped by to support them, get samples from them, photograph them, and then hand over a 5 or 10 dirham note and buy something scrumptious from them. I got to know about the well-Twittered community event from Sally Prosser, a fellow food blogger (My Custard Pie) who I was super excited to meet for the first time - so thanks again Sally for the tip, and to the folks at Wild Peeta for organizing this super fun foodie event!

Click HERE to check out what I noshed on at the bakefest.


  1. Sally

    Thanks for the mention – and well done for a getting a gorgeous pic in frenetic conditions!

    • iliveinafryingpan

      Thanks Sally! Honestly, most of my photos were blurry cause I was bumping into people or trying to shoot before someone walked across the frame – but glad that I could salvage a few. To be repeated I hope…over coffee and camera chat soon! :)

  2. Radz

    This reminds of the time we went crazy baking muffins in High Rise East. It’s funny, I can envision your madness in the kitchen while reading your recipes :) Let’s bake when I come to Dubai! – Radz

  3. InaFryingPan

    Aw Radz, those were the good ol’ days!

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