SO much sugar at Bakefest that I had sugar burns creep up my back.

You know that feeling when you’ve had way, way, WAY too much sugar or chocolate or caffeine, and this crazy burning sensation starts inching up your back and around your neck?  Or is that just me?  It may just be me. Dee thought it was just me. And she also looked like she thought I’d confirmed her suspicion that I was truly madly deeply bonkers.  But I’m hoping that someone out there can prove her wrong.

Someone, you out there?

Abigail’s  (aka nappytales) lemon meringue and purple yam cupcakes

Part 2 of Bakefest (I’ve written about Part 1 from my jaunt around the first ever bakefest from last year) has been so talked about, so tweeted about, and now, so blogged about, that I think it’d be redundant if I typed one more word about it. My fellow bloggers – Nick (aka. the ‘dahlink’ who made it all come together at bakefest), Abigail, Mishti, Sid and Anja – have done far better jobs of talking it up than I ever could. And Dee is in the process of posting something up too, but when it does debut, I can still bet she’d have captured the sugar-crazy afternoon ten times better than any of my feeble attempts. Which is perfect, because it coincides quite nicely with the overwhelming feeling of laziness that’s hit me as of five minutes ago. Like the second I decided to turn on my laptop and do something remotely productive with my evening.

So yeah, this minimally worded post about the goodies at Bakefest is gonna be…a slice of cake…a breeze. (As a blogger, it’s so hard to not spew out those puns you’ve cleverly thought up, but that’d fall flat on their faces in a show of inglorious corniness if you were to type them out. The fight between my mind and the delete button gets so intense sometimes that I have to step away before my keyboard starts fuming. Thank God for the strikeout format, you can say all the corny only-you-think-they’re-funny things you want, yet scurry away under the excuse that you’d realized the stupidity of it all and struck it out. It’s like cutting your cake and eating it too.)

Too many words already. No more words, only this SLIDESHOW of what I dug my paws into at the WildPeeta bakefest (and a few descriptive titles sprinkled throughout to aid the curiously hungry reader).

[Post-post note: Like I said, Dee spanked us oggling readers out of our minds with her brilliant bakefest blogpost. Check it out. Freaking amazing photos.]

HEADLINE:  Sugar dealers caught in the act at Wild Peeta.
Crime dudn’t get sweeter than this.

Author: InaFryingPan

With a family legacy of ingenious cooks, a nutritionist and chef-extraordinaire mother, and a father who introduced me to steak and caviar when I could barely reach the table, I had no choice but to acquire a keen awareness of food during my childhood years in Dubai. But it was only after I found myself on a college campus in Philadelphia – far away from home, too cheap as a student to spend on anything other than pizza, and with dorm rooms that had little rat-holes of kitchens if they even had them at all – when I developed a heightened appreciation of food. An appreciation of food that I once ate every night at the dinner table in Dubai, but that was now an entire ocean away. I lusted for the culinary treasures that lay outside the stale walls of my college dining hall, hijacked friends’ kitchens to try my hand at something, anything , remotely edible, and greedily raided different websites in search of highly-rated restaurants. With my move to New York to work for a consulting firm that secretly harbored self-professed foodies, my appreciation transformed into a passion, an addicition. I felt like everyone around me in New York was talking about food: where to get the best cupcakes, pizza slices, banh mi, kati rolls, pho, fried chicken, and every other food item out there that is just a plain old dish in some part of the world, but that’s become hyped to unforeseen proportions in New York. What fuelled my addiction over time was travel to different cities, both for work and play, which gave me unfettered access to the culinary havens of not only New York, but also of DC, Virginia, Chicago, Houston, Vegas, Austin, Seattle and even a little city called Bentonville (Arkansas!). After 9 years away from home, I’ve finally taken the leap to come back to Dubai – with not just an awareness, but genuine appreciation and passionate addiction for what I’d taken for granted as a child. Mom, I’m back to reclaim my seat at your dinner table, and to rediscover this city with its ever-expanding menu of international flavors.

13 thoughts on “SO much sugar at Bakefest that I had sugar burns creep up my back.

  1. abigail says:

    Arva! we so love your photos its just wonderful (lost for words to describe). Thanks for featuring my cuppies and hand (hehehe) on your post. I’m so happy you tried and enjoyed my purple yam cuppies.

  2. Sally says:

    Had intended to blog about this but can’t do better than this Arva. You really love cake and it shows. Great gallery of pics. I wish there was a picture of you in this though – my goodness you looked stunning (even when cramming cake into your mouth or getting chocolate down your front!)

    1. InaFryingPan says:

      @abigail – Your purple yam cuppies rock! Why haven’t these been invented before…or have I been walking around with my eyes closed? I demand a recipe on your blog. Or an endless supply of them. Maybe just the endless supply, I couldn’t (and am too lazy) to recreate these babies.

      @Anja – Thank you! Loved your banana date loaf, just miserable that I didn’t get to try the healthy cookies :(

      @Sally – *Tongue-tied*…*Blush*…*Blubbers out something incoherent along the lines of a garbled thank you*…*Tongue-tied and shy again*

  3. Yasmin says:

    As I had said earlier on Twitter, your photos are just SUPER SEXY! I just love seeing food through your eyes, really puts a whole new perspective. Thank you for featuring two of my menu items, I feel special! So glad you enjoyed them :)

    1. InaFryingPan says:

      @Yasmin – I feel super special now! Thank you :D Making your cupcakes and summer trifle look sexy was a no-brainer, those desserts were pure seduction on a plate.

      @Choclette – Thanks! Just checked out your blog too, now I know where to go when I need my chocolate fix! ;)

      @ginger and scotch – I know :( I saw some uber-adorable cutsie pics of Wee Scotch. He looked like a cuppy cake himself. :)

  4. Zahabiah says:

    for Arva’s benefit and for all of u ppl out there who dont believe that too much sweet stuff = burning sensation around neck…well i happen to experience the same too when i eat real sweet cakes, chocolates or even have a very sweetened cool drink (Indian Frooti, Maaza)…So folks Arva is NOT NUTS…..!!!!

    1. InaFryingPan says:

      @saleem – thanks as always dad!

      @Zahabiah – YAY! Thanks to sweet cousin for saving my pride here – see, it is a known phenomenon people, I\’m not a zombie after all!

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