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Nigerian cow’s tail, fishy cookies, camel meatballs and other food moments to celebrate.

Since my last post on greasy comfort-laden strips of Turkish doner, I’ve had a couple of memorable food discoveries that I have to share with anyone who cares to know. These are food memories that have connected me ina deep, fulfilling … Continue reading

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Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food?

After last time’s experimental attempt at Egyptian food, you’d think I was done with playing Russian Roulette at ethnic restaurants for at least a week. But when I spotted Zagol in Karama, I HAD to walk in. Zagol had that … Continue reading

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I love walking into ethnic restaurants that transport you miles away to their homeland. Where the menu is a language totally foreign to me. Where there are no menu translations catering to the watered down touristy palate. Where the waiters … Continue reading

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Why would you go to a place called the African Restaurant?

Because it’s one of those rare super authentic places serving up…in case it wasn’t spankingly obvious…African food. East African food to be precise. Because I can bet dinner last night wasn’t half as exotic as what matooke sounds like. When … Continue reading