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Ever tried Anda Parotta from that tea stall around the corner?

How many times have you walked past those teeny cafeterias on the road and thought, ‘yech. I’d NEVER go in there.’ or ‘hmmm…could be good, but not worth risking my tummy.’ or ‘a place of the workers, for the workers, … Continue reading

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Took Kerala to remind me that good seafood often comes in fugly packages

YEECH, THOSE THINGS ARE NASTY. That was my first (politely silent) reaction as a rickety old boatman peered up into our houseboat from his little rowboat below, holding a tray of silvery grey sea monsters that looked like they’d been … Continue reading

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Spicy Venue set my tongue ablaze…and I still crawled back to beg for more.

The name says it all – ‘Spice wimps, Beware.’ Andhra food can be some of the spiciest fare that you’d find across India, and Spicy Venue does full justice to tongue-burning tradition by serving up raw, unadulterated spice guaranteed to … Continue reading

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Dosas at Chutneys in Hyderabad

I love dosas. There’s something about how South Indians ladle out fermented rice and lentil batter and grill it up till brown and crispy that totally rocks my world. I love dosas in all their inifinite forms. The gigantic two … Continue reading