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Part 2: A sweet bite of the Big Apple: Sunburst Espresso Bar, NYC

Inside Sunburst

I’d frequent this cute little cafe on 18th and 3rd practically every day after work. A warm mug of cappuccino pairs wonderfully with their crumb cakes – both the gooey chocolate one (warmed up to make the chocolate cake even more melty and gooey than it already is) as well as their raspberry one (my personal favourite, because the vanilla cake layer is so perfectly dense and buttery that throwing chocolate in would just distract from the simplicity of this impeccably-baked cake).

My favorite raspberry crumble...moist slab of vanilla cake coated with sticky sweet raspberry glaze, and topped off with densely packed streusel nuggets laced with icing and raspberry glaze drizzle

The chocolate version of the crumb cake, like a brownie on steroids.

Great loose leaf tea selection too – they have this yummy ginger peach tea that I’d discovered in Austin and have loved ever since. 

Worth mentioning that I often ate dinner here on weeknights, with my usual picks either being one of their hearty soups served up with homemade buttery biscuits, or their spicy grilled chicken and raisin-sprinkled couscous wrap. Nothing too fancy, but was right for a fast and no-fuss dinner. Yep, die-hard foodies enjoy ordinary food from their neighbourhood cafe too. I even ordered a lettuce-tomato-and-turkey sandwich from the deli across the street at the other day. It happens, more often than you’d think. 

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Sunburst Espresso Bar
206 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10003
Phone: +1 (212) 674-1702

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