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I know you’ve probably heard about the launch over facebook, twitter, email…(still working to put up the public restroom ads)…

But I have to tell you again: my pet project Frying Pan Adventures just launched!! I promise I'm going to talk about some awesome kababs soon and not use this blog for promo in the future, but getting the license and launching my food tours was such a big moment for me that I've been rolling about like a mad-happy bunny who's just come across her first carrot in...forever. [after being served dog poo for the last few months, which you'd think was bad enough...but it actually COST  the poor bunny big bucks and a crap load of precious time to be served that dog poo. I won't tell you who here served me the dog poo - but be creative, take a wild guess (actually don't - I'd rather not be eating my carrots in jail.)]

The positive side of my incessant launch rambling is that...you won't have me alluding to license woes in the middle of a creamy curry or pillowy dumpling description. And who doesn't love a sunny-yellow-balloon-chef-with-an-apron doodle?

Anyhoo - confession time. I still wake up with this sick feeling in my tummy that...as with many start-up's, my frying pan will run out of gas to keep it going. *insert sad reflective moment and glassy tear here*...*while giving the evil eye to those dirty beans sniggering at my innocent 'run out of gas' reference.* So please, support not just two causes, but three - (1) authentic food experiences in Dubai, (2) small unknown but awesome food establishments that shut down because no one discovers them, and (3) ulcer-free tummy for your neighborhood blogger - and spread the word. Here's my website >> www.fryingpanadventures.com << and I'd love for you to share it over facebook, twitter, email...as a little flyer in your guest bathroom (because honestly, that does have the highest distraction-free read rate.)

Pssst. If you want to eat some deadly awesome kulchas and Nepalese dumplings with me this Thurday...for FREE...go watch this crazy cute video and take part in the competition. And if you'd rather have some mind-blowingly good Turkish kababs instead, then sit tight. My next post will change the kabab world.**

(**No of course it won't. It's just a blog post for heaven's sake. But you're allowed a bit of drama on Monday mornings. Keeps you revved up for the work week.)


Frying Pan Adventures Website


  1. nadia

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!! No more dog poos ever ;)

    Also, love the sunny balloon with apron :)

    Well done, Arva!

  2. OMG – I totally love your graphics (as usual) and major congrats – Can’t wait to see the bathroom signs in southern California ;-)

  3. FooDiva

    Mabrouk! So excited for you! Dubai desperately needs these tours to shine the light on these teeny hidden gems that you have such a talent for discovering. Can’t wait to try the real thing. Good luck :) x

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