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Are Rivington Grill’s fish and chips at Taste of Dubai beer-battered?

A bunch of us sat around a table, digging into our plates from the different restaurant stations at Taste of Dubai, dissecting what could’ve made that deep-fried batter coating on Rivington Grill’s signature fish so light and poofy. It started … Continue reading

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The egg that just might be exempt from my taste test.

When I bagged a free seat at Gourmet Abu Dhabi’s culinary masterclass with chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre, chef-owner of a two-Michelin star restaurant called L’Air du Temp in Belgium, I felt conflicted…should I drive all the way over to Abu Dhabi … Continue reading

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Does Gourmet food taste even better when it’s free?

Last Tuesday, I was fed the following for FREE. Both created by chef Tony Genovese, an Italian chef who co-owns a two Michelin starred restaurant in Rome. When I heard about Gourmet Abu Dhabi, an event described in their souvenir … Continue reading