Wild Peeta Bakefest, Take 2.

Wild Peeta Bakefest, Take 2.

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Nick’s Hashtag Brownies

Nick's Hashtag Brownies that I took a teeny free smidgen of...
...and then another teeny crumb...
...and then I finally caved in and bought a whole one.


Mishti’s mascarpone chocolate brownie cupcakes

Mishti (aka Stovetopdancing)'s mascarpone + chocolate + brownie + cupcakes.
How can you take so many awesome things and scrunch it up together? THAT'S HOW.


Anja’s Banana Date Loaf

Anja's (aka Anja'sfood4thought) super-healthy yet sinfully yummy banana date loaf.
Eating a slice of this wiped out my other calories so I could continue on my sugar prowl around bakefest. Or so I'd like to believe.

Sid’s Raspberry Cream ‘Wiches

Sid (aka Spontaneous Euphoria)'s vanilla bean cookies with raspberry cream.
In retrospect, I should have popped them open like oreos and done a kiddie lick of all the cream slopped inside before crunching on the cookies. Sid, might you have another one I can try this technique on?

Rajani’s peach cake

Rajani (aka eatwritethink)'s gorgeous peach cake.
When I saw her pre-bakefest pictures of this beauty on facebook, I'd threatened to do something drastic if she didn't save me a slice. Like poking a fork in my eyeball or something. Luckily it didn't have to come to that.

Abigail’s purple yam cupcakes

Up close, Abigail's (aka nappytales) ingenious purple yam cupcakes.
Would you understand if I told you just how dense and moist and luscious these were? If only you could poke your finger through this picture and into that moist cuppycake flesh, you'd know.

Yasmin’s Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

Yasmin (aka Red Panda Bakes)'s Dulce de Leche Cupcakes. Whenever I spot those magic words, 'dulce de leche,' I become an obedient puppy holding her paw out for some caramely sweet goodness. I was a very, very, happy puppy after this one.

…and her Summer Cake Trifles

Dee and I were eyeing Yasmin (aka Red Panda Bakes)'s Summer Cake Trifles, with cake and custard and strawberries all layered perfectly in a glass with a dollop of cream up top, until we couldn't hold out any longer. The result...

Sally’s lemon drizzle cake

Sally (aka mycustardpie)'s lemon drizzle cake.  This is the kind of cake where you smack off a corner piece...look around unsuspectingly, wondering where the lemon is...and then TWAAANG! it slams you out of nowhere!
I truly love my lemony desserts, a taste that's been acquired over the years. I take that acquired taste to be a sign of maturity, and Sally's cake brought out nothing but the true (lemon-smacked) lady in me.

Toffee Princess’ fudge

I sampled all the fabulous flavors of Toffee Princess' legendary fudge...but I think I slipped into sugar coma and forgot to go back to photograph her fudgey squares and buy my pack of fudge.

Sahar’s butternut toffee bark

Sahar's thick fat brick of butternut toffee under a thin almond-sprinkled brick of chocolate.
LOVE thick fat bricks of dessert. This is what houses should be made of.

Maggie’s Pistachio Shortbread

Maggie Tuite and her friend-whose-name-I'm-blanking-on made buttery shortbread in all these different flavors that I didn't know shortbread could even exist in. Like this pistachio one, a massive crowd pleaser. All shortbreads should come studded with pistachios...by law.

Cakery’s carrot cake cupcakes

Mom and I both had a mutual mmmmm moment over sample bits of Cakery's carrot cake cupcake. By now I was sugar-possessed, else I'd have snagged an entire cupcake by myself.

Dahlink’s Godiva Chocolate Cake

So on my way over to bakefest, I read a tweet about Nick (aka theregos / out in my head / ballpark-it / dahlink)'s Godiva Chocolate Cake.  I nearly lost all control and wanted to fling myself out with supersonic speed to reach bakefest on time for a slice - this wouldn't last long. And it didn't. But clever me, I reserved a slice...over twitter.
I present to you the pedestal on which that Godiva Goddess lay for a few fleeting moments. Let your imagination run wild.

…and the best dessert of ’em all.

Yours truly, Nick, the Bakefest orchestrator and mastermind behind the Godiva Chocolate Cake.

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