Interested in a Food Tour of Dubai?


  • I’ve gotten through the interview to apply for a tour license, and I’ll be sitting through the course for the license in July (yes. convoluted process. interview -> course -> yayomglicense!)
  • If everything glides ahead like butter, I’ll launch in October 2012. 4 months to go!
  • With the wise advice of my friends, readers and the twitterati of Dubai, I’ve christened the tours: Frying Pan Food Adventures.
  • All my updates are through twitter [@fryingpantours] and on my spanking new facebook page – click it, like it, LOVE IT. Cuddle it.


Resident Foodies, and Visiting Foodies, I’ve been toying with idea of starting food tours in parts of Old Dubai.  The idea would basically involve my taking you on an evening walking tour of some of the best or most unique places to eat at in a chosen area of Old Dubai. You would get to sample ethnic fare that Dubai trade and tourism has grown up on, far away from the glitzy restaurants of New Dubai (many of which are undoubtedly also very good…but the character and tradition of old / ethnic joints is not to be missed!).

I’m still thinking through the idea [legalities, which restaurants, the cost of the tour per person, and all that jazz], but if you’d be interested in signing up for such a tour at some point, do let me know by dropping me a comment here or on my tour facebook page!

31 thoughts on “Interested in a Food Tour of Dubai?

    1. InaFryingPan says:

      I would love to show you around Mark, repay the good eats you made me have in Penang! :) […and I promise Dubai won’t cost you a bomb this time ;) ]

  1. Tessredo says:

    This is exactly what I am after!! Local, traditional and off the beaten track hole-in-the-wall eateries. I would sign up, I will be there again in November, and there would be 3 of us that would take part :)

    1. inafryingpan says:

      Thanks Tessredo, fingers crossed I will be launching in October, so hopefully we’ll be up and running by the time you’re back! Do reach out when you’re in town, would love to show all 3 of you around :D

  2. mita56 says:

    I’m in – after reading the review of the Indian tour in Bur dubai – I’m in

    1. inafryingpan says:

      @mita56:disqus  – so glad to hear you’re on board, thanks for the support! I can’t wait to take you for some nibbles around town :D

  3. Desley Humphrey says:

    I would love this! What a great idea, count me in :)

    1. inafryingpan says:

      @twitter-93116814:disqus – Fingers crossed that it all happens hun, we’ll celebrate and be truly happy when I’m over the bridge! *HUGS* :)

  4. the epicurUAEn says:

    I was just nominated for my first bloggers award, and with it im nominating you!! 

    For illuminating blogger :) For you showing us all these secret roads and ways to share food love, for your adventure, for your heard work and heart in all you do! 

    I know its not much, but a token of appreciation: (if you are interested)

    1. inafryingpan says:

      Congratulations!!! Thank you darling, that is SO kind of you!! The token is taken with all my appreciation and hugged and kissed to bits! Thank you :)

  5. Wendy says:

    This sounds great!  We have family visiting early November!  This would be a great tour for them :)

    1. inafryingpan says:

      @8a8056c0570c76b76bd0450e56beba1b:disqus – yaaay! Makes my day when anyone’s interested in my food tours! I would love to take your family eating around town Wendy, just pray that I get my license. 

      Also, I will be posting all updates on the launch, how to book tickets, etc. on my facebook page –

    1. inafryingpan says:

      ;) actually, I need a company license first…you aren’t handing those out by any wild chance are you? 

    2. Satyen says:

      Nope. But I do have a very efficient PRO that can be very helpful. Alternately you can tie up with an existing company which has an events Lisence and use that to sell tickets. I might just be your man! Call me on 050 4506279

  6. Jaws says:

    i hope you have one tour each of satwa, deira, burdubai etc
    i would join for all of them… :D
    now thts my kind of tour program hehehe

    1. inafryingpan says:

      @910846a3e15bece8c5e7085414134ea3:disqus – yay! thanks for the support :) we definitely have ones of deira and bur dubai, and over time, will roll out karama, hor al anz (which is also in deira, but separate from the initial roll-out ones) and hopefully satwa too at some point. Can’t wait to take you fooding around town!

  7. Almira Nakish says:

    This tour sounds very delicious .The name “Frying Pan Food Adventures” makes me hungry. My two favorites food and travel comes in one,I would love to sign up for this tour.

    1. inafryingpan says:

      @twitter-769666322:disqus – I would love to have you hop into the ’Frying Pan’ and sizzle around Old Dubai with me :) I’m working on licenses and all that fun stuff, but hopefully it should be resolved in a month or two. I will be emailing my tour-lovers list as soon as I launch, so sign up if you’re interested ;) *shameless plug* >>

  8. Detroiter327 says:

    Hello! Did you end up starting the tour? Will be in the UAE in March, thought it sounded really interesting!

  9. Bob McClure says:

    Hi. A family friend, Patrick Weilund from the Andrew Zimmern food show, suggested I contact you about a food tour in Dubai in late December. Patrick said you were awesome on the show and that my wife and I would really enjoy your energy on a tour. Are you still in business and, if so, how do we arrange a tour?

  10. Dubai food Reviews says:

    I will Love to take you to my feature Post for dubaifoodie, I know at times we look for more valuable stuff for rewarding hard work you did it best :)

  11. Hamda Ismail says:

    Hi there, m a total foodie and so glad your interested in old dubai, I usually take my friends who travel to dubai to authentic and classic restaurants. Pls email me if your interested to know more about old dubai as m a local myself and my dream is to promote Dubai in a very humble way


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