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People, I present to you the TWO BEST FOODS I’ve eaten in 2011.

No, this isn’t a typo – I do mean my two best foods of 2011. So what if it’s only been 19 days since the start of the year? Why wait around till the end of the year to start … Continue reading

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After years of eating kababs, I finally ate The Kabab.

It’s not easy being a foodie. Even less so if you’re a food blogger. Everyone and their uncle suddenly feels like I should know about their favorite little restaurant in town. If I don’t, then I get the look of … Continue reading

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A Restaurant Called Eric’s.

If someone told me about a restaurant called Eric’s, I’d expect to be walking into a joint that served American style burgers and fries. Or maybe I’d expect a 24/7 diner dishing out tall smoothies and grilled cheese sammies. Or … Continue reading

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What to sneak over to the son-in-law that married your vegetarian daughter?

This cocoon of chickeny goodness. An egg and chicken kathi roll from Shiraz. And I speak from experience. Second hand-experience. A friend let on the other day that he had tried Shiraz. Oh really? You did? Umm yeah, as a … Continue reading

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Forkfuls of deep-fried sticky sweet salty peanutty goodness at Singapore Deli.

Anyone remember that warped idea of mine at the start of the year to create a Best Seven of 2011 list as I ate my way through the year? If you don’t, well yeah, t’was I who had founded this … Continue reading

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One motherly lady, a pot of simmering stew, a ladle of love later, I became an Ethiopian food convert.

In 2011, I published a post called: Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food? In retrospect, it was terribly written post that I have torn off my blog and crumpled up with the frustration of a lovesick Romeo who lacks … Continue reading

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Machboos, Dosa, and Disco Tea. Plotted on the Oversimplified Food Experience Graph.

You’d think that my life is all about Oscar-winning food experiences. You’d think that I have fabled fish curries and epic meatballs* wherever I go. You’d think that the chefs just know when there’s a fryingpan in their midst, and pull magic … Continue reading

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What’s your excuse for not trying Filipino food?

Fact A: My parents moved to Sharjah in the mid 70’s, so pretty much all my soggy diaper years, and the subsequent nerdy high school years after, were spent in this country. Fact B: According to the 2009 Report on … Continue reading

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The Crying Pan’s guide to Sri Lankan food at Redbox, Ghusais.

People, I CAN talk about topics other than food. I swear. I really, truly can. Mom has blamed me in the past for boring people to bits with my kabab and curry chatter – but it wasn’t me mamma, I’m … Continue reading